New Painting: Acrylic and bbq stick.

I was inspired by a painting on Facebook10177286_10153269046526627_5066026186134456319_n.


Acrylic on paper, 15×21 cm

My kitchen

Cooking is not my hobby, but I cook everyday, because I want my family to eat heath food.

Biological products is our preference. For example if I spend 2 euro on banana, I could buy 1,7kg non-biological, but I would take 1,2kg biological bananas. I choose for quality, not for quantity.

I shall introduce and show Vietnamese food to you, I cook it nearly everyday. Sometimes I also cook Chinese and Thai food.

I will discuss the ingredients, which I use for my kitchen and I give tips, but I will not write recipes, I‘m not good at it.


Hello Monday!

12920998_10153315020521627_1208194028_nHave you
ever tried to apply creme eyeliner for your eyelids? I do it very often.

One of my favorite eyeliner is L’Oreal HiP high Intensity Pigments Color Truth.

It’s very easy to draw on your eyelids. You can buy it in Etos, for example.


10437453_10153223265586627_6614814621869751767_nI have watched this example on Youtube in one evening. It was so awesome. I could not wait longer, I immediately took a  piece of paper, brushes and spent…two evenings on this.

Makeup natural

12084206_10153297913866627_1815239505_n 12899655_10153297914691627_1834436566_nHi guys!

Today is the first day I get out of my door after got flu for a week. I decided to wake myself up by natural makeup.

I have applied BB cream from Yves Roche and Nutritious vita-miniral loose powder makeup from Estee Lauder for my skin.

For the lips I used palette 5 rouges from Makeup Forever.

Enjoy your day, guys!

Other paintings

I have promised to myself that I would paint or draw every single day.

Here are my works   12715629_10153223265856627_5472958327028051453_n 12729342_10153211672791627_7002831560339660883_n 12742826_10153211672601627_5883625332016988829_n

My very first painting















I loved painting when I was little, unluckily at that moment most of Vietnamese people thought that artist was not a poor job. No-one in my family encouraged me to do it. I stopped painting sinds I was eight or nine, I can not remember exactly.

Since I have been living here, I knew many western  people (Dutch, Russian, Romanian….) paint very well. I admire them. I had never thought that I could paint or draw. I even did not ask any of them giving me a guide, although my farther in-law, my friends are artist. Painting was not my concern.

One day of January, one of my classmate took her new painting to class. It was beautiful. I asked her to teach me. And she said yes!  A few days after I came to her house and she gave me a first lesson.

If she had refused me, I had never gone back to painting. I recognize that the love for painting is never disappear in my heart. Thank you very much Julia for waking up my hobby.





A march to March

Time to drink a cup of coffee, wait for new blossoms and eat fewer potatos.


11659406_10153244260581627_5202084927229438894_nIm always feel happy when seeing snowdrops. IIt means that the spring comes very close by.











I made this flower from Vietnamsese pancakes to tell myself that the sun will arrive soon.

12801202_10153244261656627_8194516758082884460_nOr eat this kind of salad. I love it. I can eat it every week.12764763_10153246761826627_8073934749334708677_o





How about this? It is bento and miso soup. 12788067_10153247110191627_1904281061_n








Do not forget ice-coffee for the desert. Yup! It is still cold, but my husband likes ice-coffee in Vietnamese style. I will teach you how to make it in the next post.