Kids cooking

My kids liked to cook by themselves. Yesterday they decided what they wanted to eat, and they made a shopping list.

They went to the supermarket and bought what they needed.

Broccoli soup and Thai salad was our meal. What a wonderful dinner!

Broken rice

Com TamCơm tấm is a Vietnamese dish made from broken rice grains. “Tấm” is the name of the dish and also the kind of rice we use for it.

However, I have made this dish with wholegrain rice instead of
broken rice grains. It is a very famous and popular breakfast in the South of Vietnam. We eat this rice with baked pork, steamed egg with and the skin of pork. Don’t forget a sprinkling of fish sauce with sugar, lemon and chilli.

It is so tasty and yummy



My kitchen

Cooking is not my hobby, but I cook everyday, because I want my family to eat heath food.

Biological products is our preference. For example if I spend 2 euro on banana, I could buy 1,7kg non-biological, but I would take 1,2kg biological bananas. I choose for quality, not for quantity.

I shall introduce and show Vietnamese food to you, I cook it nearly everyday. Sometimes I also cook Chinese and Thai food.

I will discuss the ingredients, which I use for my kitchen and I give tips, but I will not write recipes, I‘m not good at it.


A march to March

Time to drink a cup of coffee, wait for new blossoms and eat fewer potatos.


11659406_10153244260581627_5202084927229438894_nIm always feel happy when seeing snowdrops. IIt means that the spring comes very close by.











I made this flower from Vietnamsese pancakes to tell myself that the sun will arrive soon.

12801202_10153244261656627_8194516758082884460_nOr eat this kind of salad. I love it. I can eat it every week.12764763_10153246761826627_8073934749334708677_o





How about this? It is bento and miso soup. 12788067_10153247110191627_1904281061_n








Do not forget ice-coffee for the desert. Yup! It is still cold, but my husband likes ice-coffee in Vietnamese style. I will teach you how to make it in the next post.

Dough for bapao

Bapao is one of my family’s favorite food. Unfortunately, I could not make it. I followed many different recipes to make it, though I was not successful.

Luckily, my friend knows how to make it very well. She taught me how to make bapao.

Yesterday, I did it again with my kids. I was surprised at how good they were.

Hereby her recipe. banh bao 1

Dough for bapao (Oratai Neng Meijers )


First dough (1)

– bapao flour: 750 gram

– sugar: 20 gram

– yeast: 20 gram

bapao meel2– water (warm): 400gram

Second dough (2)

– bapao flour: 300 gram

– baking powder: 10 gram

– olive oil: 100 gram

– sugar: 200 gram

– Water (warm): 80 gram  bak poeder

A: First dough:

– Mix the flour and sugar together.

– Combine yeast with 80 grams of hand-warm water.

– Then mix the yeast paste into the flour.

– Mix well. Knead it 5 minutes.

– Let it rise in a warm place 1 hour, until the mixture becomes froth. banh bao 3


– Mix the olive oil, de sugar and water.

– Mix the flour with the baking powder*. Then mix this (50% *) with the first dough.

– After that mix it with the olive sauce.

– Knead the dough 10 minutes. It is wet, then add (50%*) of flour until it no longer sticks to your fingers.

– Roll every piece about 40 grams into a ball, roll out into a circle and fill with your meat mix.

– Let them rise for about 15 minutes.

– Steam them for about 12 minutes

Wish you success!

Thank you very much Neng.

Eating Habits- Introduction

Hello everyone!

gỏi ngó s


I am planning to do research on how much a family spends on food each month.

I never paid attention to the cost of food before we had children. Whatever I felt like eating, I bought, and we often ate out.

Now that we have children, our expenses went up and looking for savings, I had a look at our eating pattern. Ater a short investigation, I expected savings could be made there, without sacrificing my cherished hobbies: cooking and eating.

I started not too drastically: 40% cuts. From 6-700, to 400-ish. Can one survive? 

How about you? What do you spend on food and eating? You don’t mind to share your knowledge about hidden gems of good and cheap food, or have tips about efficient cooking and eating? Let me know!

I’ll start local: places in and around Zwolle where good food can be had for a good price.

For each others benefit I ask you all to give me advice on how to decrease the cost of our food, while increasing the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the result.

For everyone who likes to participate: I’ll send you my questionnaire (or we meet in person) and if you don’t mind, I use the results for a future blog post

So, what about you? Where do you buy your food? What do you pay for it? Are you happy about the quality and the way the products are produced?