Cycling with my kids!

A sunny day!Welcome to my world!

I launch my blog on a foggy day. It is not in my plan, but I need to start somewhere someday, so that is today.

The south of Vietnam is my mother’s land, where there are only two seasons: dry and wet. When I was in Vietnam, I wished that one day I could see and touch real snow. My wish became true when I married to a Dutch man and after living almost ten years in The Netherlands, I do not like winter, snow and even autumn at all. I am practicing to love them, but they also need to be nice with me. Which season is your favorite?

I love spring and summer. In those seasons I can wear nicer clothes. I can go cycling with my man and my kids. The two little girls on this picture are my love, my life and my daughters. Here they are on their way to their dancing class. I’m quite busy with them. Sometimes I am angry because I do not have any time for myself, but I’m happy double, triple when they come to my life and be with me.

Thank you for reading my first note.