First Valentine card

My youngest daughter recieved a card from her classmate. It is so cute.

20150212_130907My honey brings the kids every morning to school. This moring he saw a little boy (my kid’s classmate) hold something in his hand. He ran quickly into the class to look for my kid.

He sat next to her, then he waved the card to get her attention. Unluckily, she did not care what he got in his hand. He put it on her leg. She thought something went wrong, she casted it down to the floor.


He felt downcast. He picked it up and hesitateted giving it to her. She got it. She took it to their teacher: I think this is for you, teacher. But i am allowed to open it.

Teacher said: It is for you, kíd.

She said to me; I wonder why he give it to me, mama!!! 🙂

Eating Habits- Introduction

Hello everyone!

gỏi ngó s


I am planning to do research on how much a family spends on food each month.

I never paid attention to the cost of food before we had children. Whatever I felt like eating, I bought, and we often ate out.

Now that we have children, our expenses went up and looking for savings, I had a look at our eating pattern. Ater a short investigation, I expected savings could be made there, without sacrificing my cherished hobbies: cooking and eating.

I started not too drastically: 40% cuts. From 6-700, to 400-ish. Can one survive? 

How about you? What do you spend on food and eating? You don’t mind to share your knowledge about hidden gems of good and cheap food, or have tips about efficient cooking and eating? Let me know!

I’ll start local: places in and around Zwolle where good food can be had for a good price.

For each others benefit I ask you all to give me advice on how to decrease the cost of our food, while increasing the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the result.

For everyone who likes to participate: I’ll send you my questionnaire (or we meet in person) and if you don’t mind, I use the results for a future blog post

So, what about you? Where do you buy your food? What do you pay for it? Are you happy about the quality and the way the products are produced?